How Cool Paint Protects your House

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Cool Paint is a roof coating that reflects the heat of the sun so that the roof surface and the underlying area stay cooler. The roof lasts for longer and the indoor temperature becomes more pleasant. The product starts to pay for itself as soon as it is applied. Cool Paint is solvent-free and weather- resistant.

The cooling effect is designated with an SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) value (measured according to ASTM E1980). Cool Paint has an SRI value of 89, which means that a roof coated with Cool Paint reflects 72% of the sun’s rays and returns 87% of the heat to the environment instead of the underlying space.

Reflecting most of the solar heat reduces the temperature differences on the roof between day and night, summer and winter. A consistently lower temperature extends the roof’s life span.

Studies performed on homes in Texas, Florida, and Los Angeles California—all high-heat areas—found that homeowners could reduce electricity usage by 10 to 30 percent during peak load times just by applying a heat-reflective coating to their roof surfaces. Cool roof coatings, as they’re known to building professionals, are applied to existing rooftops as a liquid “paint.” The light-colored, reflective materials in the coating makes them less heat-absorbent. According to the Department of Energy, applying a cool roof coating has the potential to reduce surface temperatures by more than 30 percent.

Benefits of cool paint

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