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$0 down for a new energy efficient roof, with no payments until November 2020*, Upgrade your home Roof now.

Titan Upgrades services all of Los Angeles, Glendale, the San Fernando Valley ,Santa Clarita Valley, Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. Titan Upgrades is a licensed, bonded, and insured. We replace roofs, windows, air conditioning, solar, and insulation. We are bonded and insured and will provided you with the highest quality job at the most reasonable rates!

Energy Efficient Roofing

Spend Less Money

Energy efficient roofing technology will also help you keep your monthly maintenance costs down. Keeping your roof in good condition can be expensive, and the cost of living in big cities is high. A new roof can drastically reduce your energy bills each month, particularly in the summer. This means you can put those savings towards other goals.

New roof

Durable Roofing Solution

Energy Efficient roofs are a durable solution that will last for decades. Regardless of which energy efficient material you select, you can count on your energy efficient roof staying in top notch condition for years to come. Energy Efficient roofing materials not only reflect the sun, but they are weather resistant as well.

Qualified and Experienced

Titan Upgrades roof specialist and roof installers have studied and practiced all kinds of roofing systems in-depth to bring you the very best that our profession has to offer. We revel in the art of building roofs, constantly contemplate and research new technologies in the field, and harbor unending passion and dedication toward every project that we take up.

Old Roof? Replace your Roof for $0 Down & No Payments Until November 2020*

What makes us different from regular roofers. Most roofers only use oil based black tar paper whereas we use:

Customer Satisfaction

Titan Upgrades strongly believes in the power of quality work at a competitive price. Thanks to these beliefs, we have recorded a great level of success and high customer satisfaction over the years. Our company specializes in installing high quality and energy-efficient roofs.

1. Underlayment
2. Custom synthetic material
3. Ice and water barrier
4. Starter shingles
5. Shingles
6. Customized hip and ridge shingles
7. Exhaust Vents
8. Low profile air vents

Proper Home Roof Inspection

Titan Upgrades makes use of advanced methods to inspect your home roof, figure out the roof damages, and ensure that proper roof installation is done.

Get Quality And Affordable Roofing Replacement Today

Titan Upgrades aim to continue providing exceptional customer service, uncompromising integrity, and first-rate quality. With our expertise energy-saving home roofing services, you can rest assured that your home roofing installation project is in good hands. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractors are updated with the latest roofing technology, which helps us to deliver excellent services on every project we handle.

Complete roof system for $0 Down and No Payments Until November 2020*

Roof replacement is not something that you should take likely, or is it a repair that should be delayed.  From all major home repairs that you can do, installing a new roof is arguably as important as it gets.  Our roofing team wants to make your home improvement a positive experience. Let our certified roofing team help you protect your home with a high-quality energy efficient roof. Home roofing couldn’t be easier.  Call us today or submit your information using our roofing form to find out more about your roof replacement cost.

At Titan Upgrades, our goal is to ensure that all your roofing needs are met. Replace your roof today!